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The Agency

Surfsuit Co. — is the first digital agency founded

by surfers who trained in business as communicators and marketers, visual and web designers, programmers and content creators. We joined forces to make a sport or professional career in surfing sustainable. 


Surfsuit Co. — è la prima agenzia fondata da surfisti che si sono formati in ambito aziendale come comunicatori e marketer, visual e web designer, programmatori e content creator. Abbiamo unito le forze con l’obiettivo di rendere sostenibile una carriera sportiva o professionale nel surf. 

There are a lot of digital agencies led by truly capable and brilliant people. However, we believe that in order to stand out in such an overpopulated and competitive market, you have to be a specialist. Performing a communications plan is a bit like surfing a good wave.


Research & development

Every wave always begins with a stage of careful watching and listening. Reading the sea to identify hazards and favorable currents, choose the best route to get to the lineup.




Is the style you represent in the water: longboard or shortboard? Tight, fast turns or soft, relaxed lines? We study every detail of your visual and textual identity so that everyone from the beach will easily spot you when you’ll be on the top of the wave.

Content creation

The time has come to shine in the sunlight. Arriving prepared means you haven’t missed a workout: consistency and timing are two powerful allies of the winning media plan. However, each take-off is different from the next: we always keep an eye out for new channels and ways to communicate.




What a story, that wave was epic. We are ready to create the ideal context to share the story with those we know will get value from it.

Ride the wave